I enjoy flowers, classical music, tea, and Alice in Wonderland.
I like boys and girls. I don't like rude people.


My obsession with James Franco is not healthy
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love and kisses and snuggles and noses and hair and eyes and cheeks and trees and houses and futures and jobs and money and smiles and cuddles and cats and kids and morals and religion and nature and health and fruit and candy and cookies and tea and more tea and cigarettes and movies and kids and grandparents and family and fall and colors and toes and ears and snores and homework and teachers and beautiful beautiful beautiful people everywhere and so many more good things in store for this fall and the rest of my life. i’m starting to plan my future. and you’re in every part of it. i love love love you, sweet pea.

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here’s a snapshot of like the three luckiest people ever
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Pyramids | by wecancamnet.

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Inspired by the album that got me through a the bad and the good. We Died Before The Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse.
Done by Nate at Quality Custom Tattoos Somerset, Kentucky.
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Jeff Faerber.
Paintings by Jeff Faerber:
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Night over Sahara
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(by emily golitzin)
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My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash! by Chentelle Hitchcock at Derm F/X Tattoo in Auburn, WA 
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